Birth Testimonials


Anni & Dan (Breech birth)

Hi my dear, we are keeping well. Got him out yesterday via section. Was disappointed about it at first but his and my health were more important. Could use a lot of the hypnobirthing relaxations especially with my ‘beloved’ epidural and anxiety. Sometimes things don’t go the way we were hoping for unfortunately but the hypnobirthing was certainly my rescue during the time of worry and section of little one. He is a little diamond and I’m already so in love with him.

Hi Lindy   It was a bit disappointing but it was for little ones best. He is a little diamond. So relaxed and calm, content all way through till we hit nappy change time. His name in Finley  Born with 7lbs 3oz so luckily no growth restriction there. Everything you have tought me was all needed for my preparation for theatre, the anxiety about the operation and the ooeration itself. But not only this, it most certainly helps with breastfeeding and calming baby down as well. So yes I was disappointed I couldn’t have my natural birth but I made it the most happy and calm experience possible. Little one even loves my song I chose to give birth to. Everything comes full circle. I am just full of happiness and gratitude for your help all way through and a wonderful and healthy boy xxx


Steve – Very proud Dad!

Hi Lindy,
Just a quick email to say a HUGE thank you from us both. Will give you the details later but in short, sarah was unbelievable and followed all the training you’d given us and this was the end result- a little boy weighing 8lb8oz and no pain relief whatsoever! Yet to decide on name but he is perfect:) thank you so much. Speak soon:)
Hi Lindy  I’m finally getting round to messages!!
I wanted to follow up on what Steve sent you, a huge thank you!!!!!
I’m so so glad we did the Hypnobirthing course with you, I don’t know how I would have got through labour without it.  I felt so prepared and felt like I knew what I was supposed to be doing.
My waters broke at about 5am Saturday morning, so we got up put on my relaxation music playlist, contacted the hospital to let them know and just started getting prepared. I felt really calm and was even enjoying this state of relaxation I was in. Steve was brilliant with me, we went through some of the scripts together.
My surges didn’t come straight away. I did get a bit anxious when we initially spoke to the hospital to let them know our waters had broken because straight away the midwife said they’d look to induce me if my surges hadn’t started by a certain time. I did explain we were Hypnobirthing so wanted things as natural as possible. She’d already planted the seed in my head so I did feel like I was putting pressure on myself a bit to make sure my surges came naturally. I made sure I was stood upright most of the morning or on the birthing ball. Eventually my surges started!!
I was enjoying the early surges, a bit uncomfortable but I was working with my visualisations and breathing so after each surge finished my body went super relaxed, that was the bit I enjoyed .
Later on when the surges got a bit more powerful we stopped doing scripts and tried the short relaxations, Steve would walk past me every now and again and remind me to relax my face, drop my shoulders, visualise the sunrise or my Magic Carpet place. I found during the Up surges these particular things really helped me so I got into a rhythm; breathing, relax my forehead, face, jaw, drop my shoulders then swayed on the spot. This was all quite soothing.
Although we got down to surges 3 mins apart every now and again they would then increase again, no particular pattern. Steve suggested we go for a short walk round the block which we did, I had a few surges on the way round. By the time we got back to the house my surges were about 2 mins apart quite consistently and I really felt ready to go to the hospital then.
Again Steve was absolutely brilliant, got the car all sorted, put my shoes and coat on me and guided me out to the car. I was a bit anxious about the car journey because pretty much all of my surges had been stood up which I knew how to control. So I put my head phones in and continued listening to my relaxation music, and visualising the sunrise, relax face and drop shoulders. This all worked to keep me under control.
Arrived at the hospital and Steve guided me through, still with my headphones in, a lot of the time I was walking with eyes closed or very partially open because I didn’t want to look at anyone and knock me out of my focus. When we got to the Midwife lead ward Steve did all the talking and asked the midwives to always speak to him first, they were very respectful.
 I had a real issue with the vaginal examination, I asked if possible not to have one , but the midwife said we’d need one to enable me to use the birth pool, but I wouldn’t have to have the following routine ones. That first one was quite stressful because I was lying on my back but experiencing surges and I didn’t know how to control them from there because so far I’d been stood up as this had been more soothing. Once this was over the midwives just left me alone and only spoke to Steve which was brilliant and really allowed me to focus.  I think a lot of the time I had my eyes closed and wasn’t really aware of who was in the room, I didn’t want to know.
I was stood up doing my weird little swaying relaxing movement for the rest of the up surges. Then finally the pool was filled and I did feel like I had a sudden urge I needed to get into it.Steve thinks I was in there for about 20 mins and I think I remember him guiding me to visualise a sun rising, but that surge felt different and I think I remember saying “I think I need to start my down breathing now”, so I did, and yes it was time!!!! I just felt like I knew what I needed to do.
On my birth plan I’d asked for the word pain not to be used, and for nobody to ask me if I wanted pain relief. At one point I remember Steve asking me “are you comfortable enough“ and I responded “I think I’m as comfortable as i’m going to get”. It turns out he was checking whether I wanted any pain relief, I thought he meant was I in a comfortable position in the bath, because I could feel my knees were starting to ache,  it didn’t even enter my head that I could take medication, and I’m so glad medication wasn’t offered to me because I may have just said yes.
Every now and again the down surges made me hold my breath and want to force but I’d really try to focus on the down breathing and visualise the waterfalls and it did seem to bring me back under control. I could hear the noises I was making and was quite aware of them!!!!! But I had to make them!! It got to the point where most of our baby was out, and this was the first time my midwife Sam had spoken to me, she said “he’s nearly out just one last push”, but I couldn’t push on request my body just wouldn’t do it, and I remember saying “I can’t I have to wait for the next surge”.
Anyway there was no need because apparently our little baby boy helped me out and apparently he sort of wriggled out!! Then our baby boy Samuel was born, at 21:25.
My notes say 1st and 2nd stage combined lasted 1 hour 55mins, 3rd stage lasted 1 hour 54 mins. I came away with a second degree tear but didn’t need stitches because of the position of it. Our midwife Sam actually thanked me for letting her be present at the birth I think she was quite surprised at how well it went…….me too!!!
My recovery has been amazingly quick,I’ve been Mobile straight away, any discomfort down below was gone a few days ago.
So again, massive thank you!!!!

Sarah xxxxx

Anne & Peris

Hi Lindy,

Apologies I haven’t managed to write this before now. Thank you very much for the course. It made the rest of my pregnancy much better. I felt Positive about the birth instead of scared and enjoyed doing the guided meditations at bed time. I used the ball quite a lot in the run up.
I got admitted on 12th jan and over the weekend had evolving pre eclampsia so I had to be induced on the 14th. It was quite a shock as I hadn’t finished work yet and we weren’t ready but Peris did a great job and made a fantastic board and brought in battery candles and music.
I managed to use visualisations and relaxations after the pessary  was the placed and I think they really helped me. I had a very posterior 3cm closed cervix and was worried it might take days to labour. Anyway with the above by 11pm I was fully effaced and 1cm. I started to have very powerful surges but the room and music and Peris helped a lot and a bath. I hyper stimulated so it was quite strong and I decided to have some more analgesia. In fact they took the pessary out and gave me some
Medication to slow things down but it didn’t really.
I went to labour ward and was 3cm so I had some gas and air and diamorphine. They really helped along with the breathing and I felt the whole thing was quite calm and manageable. As the power increased I decided to have an epidural, I didn’t feel it being put in and was guided through breathing by 2 really great midwives and Peris and the epidural was amazing. I could feel my legs and was able to push but the surges were much more manageable. After that she was actually born about 45 mins later so with the 3 painful surges in the sitting position for the epidural I had gone from 3cm to fully dilated.
None of the examinations were a problem and I could breath through them all. She had a fetal scalp blood test as she was decelerating but it was ok so I was allowed to deliver her naturally. The midwives were hugely supportive of not being instrumented and really encouraged me through.
I did end up being in stirrups pushing her out on my back but actually it was fine and despite all the things I had we all had a really positive birth experience, I feel the hypnobirthing really helped and actually rather than other women feeling scared of induction and all the above things that are portrayed so negatively I think that hypnobirthing is the ideal technique to use in these circumstances to means that you can still have a really fantastic positive birth experience even if you are high risk or can’t have the pool etc etc.
So many of the health care professionals commented on how great the birthing board was and it and the candles and music were really nice in the following week. We had a tough week after with her being jaundice and wt loss but we have established breast feeding and got home the week after and have gained back the lost weight.
Thanks for all your help.
Anne & Peris


Rhian & James

We did it!Thank you Lindy for all your help and support.Lucy arrived at 12.35am on Thursday 11th January weighing 7lbs 7 and we couldn’t love her any more!

Labour didn’t go exactly as expected but the hypnobirthing practice helped me handle any turns it took.We’d planned for a water birth and getting in the pool felt amazing but perhaps because of the warmth of the room or the water, Lucy’s heart rate was high so I ended up getting out of the pool and her heart rate settled back down.

There was more than 24 hours between my waters breaking and labour starting so I was induced and requested gas and air to help.Using the mouthpiece for the gas and air seemed to help me concentrate on my breathing and breathe through the surges.The midwives were really supportive of our hypnobirthing requests and gave us every opportunity to have as natural a birth as possible.The room was lovely and cosy, lights were dimmed and we played music and hypnobirthing tracks the whole time.

James was incredible and helped me stay focused and relaxed throughout.Team Wayte all the way!So proud of all three of us and that all the practice paid off and we had the calm easy birth we wanted.Lucy is a gorgeous, happy and chilled baby and I’m sure it’s down to the hypnobirthing she’s been doing.

Thank you again so much for all you support.We had the most amazing and positive experience and can’t recommend your classes and hypnobirthing enough.

Xx Xx


Elan & Chris

Hi Lindy! I would just like to say the biggest thank you for your time and effort with Hypnobirthing- I had the most Incredible Labour with only Gas and Air. You taught me everything I needed to know to deliver my Beautiful 8lbs 2oz daughter – Felicity Rachel Rose. She had a very natural and gentle birth.
The midwife read my birth plan and gave me everything I wanted.

I stayed at home all day breathing through the contractions, soaking in clary sage oils in the bath, hoovering and dancing with my niece and nephew and taking wave by wave ..
I arrived in hospital at 7:45 and I was 4cm dilated .. She arrived at 00:45 am. Chris and Mum were the Dream team !

She’s breast feeding well and enjoyed her hypnobirthing music at night to settle her back to sleep.
Thank you So much 💗 I’m Extremely Blessed.



Adele and Aled

Thank you for making our lives complete.  Baby boy Rhun Gwythyr (9lb 12oz) born this morning at 7.15am.  He came into the world as a water birth with simply Hypnobirthing.  2 Hours 15 Lindy!!!    We are forever grateful to you x  You were our guardian angel and my inner voice 🙂 xxxx

We are just staying in tonight cos I want to check he’s feeding well before going home.  The staff have been awesome this time and full of wonder at the power of Hypnobirthing, after knowing about my previous traumatic birth. Miracles do happen.  xxxx


Elise and Dave

Hi Lindy,
Sorry i haven’t been in touch, had my hands full with our new baby!
So baby Otis James Jackson made his entrance into the world on the Friday morning the 25th August at 7.50am. Just 8 hours after his due date! He was born at home in a birth pool in our living room and got to meet his big brother Seth just a few minutes later. Otis weighed 9lbs4oz and I delivered with just gas and air for the last 30mins. The midwives only arrived at 7am!
My waters broke at 1.30am and I stayed upstairs while Dave filled the pool. We used hypnobirthing techniques throughout. Mainly using my affirmations board, calming music, candlelight and burning essential oils. I was so calm during the build up and Dave was a fantastic support. I got into the pool at around 4am and things started to get more intense but I managed each surge with Daves support and thinking of my affirmations and knowing I would soon meet my baby. My mum arrived just before 6am and Seth came down and had breakfast (at the other end of the living room) with his nana.

The midwives arrived and soon after I went into the transition stage, I began to doubt myself but Dave and the midwives supported me and were all so positive. I had some gas and air and I began to push, just 20 or so mins later Otis was born. I caught him and brought him straight to my chest. It was glorious!
I delivered the placenta and gave Otis his first feed on my sofa while we all had a much deserved cuppa. Unfortunately a couple of hours after delivery I was feeling very faint and passed out several times. Although my blood loss appeared normal I had suffered a hidden bleed which was discovered once I was taken to hospital in an ambulance. After a couple of nights stay and two blood transfusions we were finally allowed home. I still feel quite weak (you can see the colour of my skin in the pics) but Otis is so perfect I wouldn’t change a thing.
I am so glad we decided to do your hypnobirthing course and all the practice really did pay off. The contrast between this birth and my first is staggering. I will never view birth with fear again, even after my experience with the bleed. The birth itself was perfect and I will always treasure it. Thank you a million times!
Love Elise xx



Ellen and Mike


Hi Lindy,

I hope you are well. I have been trying to find a spare minute to let you know that myself and Mike welcomed our wonderful little boy Elliott to the world on Saturday 5th August. This was after a very swift and calm labour.

I just wanted to share our birth story with you. I had been experiencing contractions all evening but managed to sleep through these for a few hours. In the morning I had a bath and I continued to practice up-breathing before finally deciding it was time to go to the hospital at 9am on the Saturday morning. I arrived to find I was progressing well at already 6cm dilated, leaving no time to prepare the birthing pool. I quickly progressed to 10cm within the space of an hour and felt ready to enter the active stage of labour. Our midwife couldn’t believe the progress and commented several times that she rarely sees a first time mother so calm when reaching the active stage of labour. I used gas and air throughout and really felt that I got into “the zone”, with minimal conversation and noise in the room from start to finish. I didn’t even want the music which we had spent so long preparing! Elliott was born at 12.54pm and we were arrived home later that day to spend our first night alone with Elliott. Community midwives who have visited me since have advised me to consider a home birth for our next child- watch this space!

Mike was the perfect partner throughout the whole experience. He was calm and supportive, making sure that my wishes were relayed to the midwife and ensuring the environment was calm with minimal interruptions. I definitely feel that attending Hypnobirthing classes and normalising pregnancy and labour made such a huge difference to my birthing experience, and really empowered Mike to see how important his role was as a birthing partner and advocate is. Mike was able to announce the gender of our child, and cut the cord after this stopped pumping blood to our baby. I had immediate skin to skin contact with Elliott for an hour, in which he managed to feed twice. It was an amazing experience.

For now I have been continuing to use the principles learnt through Hypnobirthing to help guide us through the long and challenging nights trying to establish breast feeding- I trust my body and baby really does know best!

Thank you Lindy for all your help in making this a very positive experience for myself, Mike and most importantly baby Elliott.


Nia & Sam


I can say hand on heart that I had a really positive birth with my first, Dafydd.

My water broke at home on Sunday evening and labour quickly started, I had wanted a home birth, but being so far away from the hospital we’d compromised and was planning on using the home from home room in Denbigh Infirmary. The midwife met us there and I was able to go straight to the pool.

The atmosphere there was incredible. I had two midwives with me there the whole time and they were both great. They were really calm and were very supportive of hypnobirthing. I had my music playing and I was so relaxed i remember falling asleep between contractions.

I did try some pain relief in the form of entonox but I felt like it was making me a little light headed and actually distracting me from focusing on my relaxation, so strangely making things more painful.

When the time to push came, things weren’t quite moving as quickly as the midwives were hoping so the ambulance was called in to take me to the hospital as a precaution. That must’ve been the kick I needed though as things immediately sped up and Dafydd was born at 6:13 on the Monday morning in the Infirmary.

All in all labour had been 8 hours long and I’d had the vaginal birth I wanted. Although I’m confident that the skills I’d gained on the course would have helped me through any intervention I would have needed.

I am still blown away by how strong my body was to do what it did, and I will absolutely be practicing hypnobirthing with any other pregnancies.

I had started the course with Lindy when I was about 25 weeks pregnant. This gave me lots of time to practice and really reinforce my positive outlook towards the birth so when the time came I was excited and confident about meeting my baby. I would recommend this course to any pregnant mums, it’s well worth doing.

Thanks Lindy xxx


Amy and Dan

Well Lindy we couldn’t thank you more for all the advice you have given us and instilling us with the confidence you did. We are blessed to welcome to the world Rupert Francis Cheetham last night at 19:28. He was delivered at home (having had a midwife appointment in the morning and my bp was lower again) and he didn’t even want to wait for the midwives! Doctor Dan (as he will forever be affectionately known) did a super job of catching the baby! I managed without even a paracetamol and was in labour for a super quick 1hr 58mins. Without a doubt Dan was my rock and we were overjoyed to be able to spend so much uninterrupted time with Rupert through the night! I’ll try send though a picture of our beaut but once again thank you for all you did in helping preparing us! Amy and Dan Xxx

Wendy and Tom

Hi Lindy. Baby Sam was born this morning at 8:08am. He’s perfect! Was more medical than we would have wanted but the breathing really really helped Wendy avoid a c-section and have a natural birth. She’ll be in  touch with a fuller report in due course but a huge thank you from all three of us, hypno-birthing really made a difference

Wendy                                                                                                                                                                                                  Just to say thank you for all your help and motivation on the course it made a world of difference and whilst we didn’t get the full benefit of all sessions, those we did attend set us up to make the labour and birth as calm as it could be.

I didn’t have the labour and birth I imagined with needing to be induced but what you taught us made me empowered to ask for the little things that made the big difference in how I managed my pain (windows open, low light, electric candles, music on speakers , use of birthing ball). I was initially told by the first midwife on shift that I wasn’t allowed off the bed but when the sister came in I challenged the decision and she had no problem with me being mobile and my labour was much more comfortable as a result. They loved the candles and in between the surges I was chatting to the sister about the course as she was keen to know more. All the midwives involved in my rather long labour were amazed by how little pain relief I needed despite them needing to give me a lot more cytocin than the majority of people. I only used the tens and breathing until right near the very end and when I wasn’t getting the relief I needed off the tens I went onto gas and air. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to do what I managed to do without an epidural or diamorphine and the midwives were over the moon that I managed a normal delivery.

Tom was amazing during the whole process and him knowing what I needed was great, again him being on the course to me was essential and it really shaped his thinking about the whole experience.

Unfortunately in the end I had to go to theatre and after all that had to have a spinal for a rather bad tear but they said I did everything right with my down breathing it was just the positioning of the baby in the end (back to back). I have to say it was an amazing experience so do let the others know it really does work and just go with the flow and do what they need to make it a relaxed as possible.






Hi Lindy   Thank you!   It went well and was really positive.

As he was breech I was debating having a caesarean, but my waters broke (10 days before my due date), on the way home from yoga class!  I went to hospital, was there within an hour, but was already 8cm!  So I decided just to carry on rather than have an emergency caesarean.

I had made bunting with affirmations on which i put up & had my relaxation music on.  It was all so quick and I was already so far along I found it hard to do a lot of the techniques I’d planned for the early stages to relax, but did use visualisation & the affirmations to stay calm and in control. They said I would ‘need’ an epidural but just had gas and air & had all the things I wanted – skin to skin, optimal cord clamping, natural third stage etc  🙂

Thanks for your help!


Hi Lindy. My baby arrived on Friday 23rd, his name is Ashwyn Star. It wasn’t as I’d hoped, there were some complications- but he was born naturally in the end and I had full control and consent the whole time which was the most empowering thing for me. I laboured at home for 11 hours then transferred to hospital as they were worried about his heart rate. He was born 20mins after I arrived there. I wasn’t able to use many of the techniques I’d practised after the first few hours, once it stopped going smoothly and I became exhausted, but even when it was difficult I remembered a few of the affirmations and they helped me to hold on and not throw up my hands and insist on a c-section. I lost the breathing techniques quite early and I don’t think I was calm after my waters broke, although I did have moments of clarity from time to time which perhaps wouldn’t have been there without the hypnobirthing. All in all, it was a healing experience, much more positive than the previous two. Hypnobirthing helped me get through my pregnancy anxiety and be calm heading into the birth.


Just a quick message to let you know that Leah Eleanor arrived on her due date.

Successful planned home birth (delivered by the lovely Helen ), practiced my hypnobirthing techniques again which were a huge help. Hope the other ladies are getting well xx





OK! Here I am at the Maelor with my 10lb 7oz baby, Denver Matthew moments after delivery.  He took everyone by surprise – he was huge! I was delighted to get my natural water birth despite being ‘high risk’ after a C-section with my first and then a VBAC but with 4th degree tear. I had done hypnobirthing with my previous deliveries but had had little time to practice in the run up to this birth. I realised I was probably feeing anxious about this birth deep down, so I contacted Lindy for a hypnobirthing refresher. I am so grateful for the phone calls and correspondence we had in the couple of days before his birth; Lindy gave me some breathing activities and visualisations to practice, and generally chatting about my situation was very helpful. I also played my hypnobirthing CD with the affirmations on. Hypnobirthing seems to work in mysterious ways and my subconcious was definately listening and responding to the relaxation. Denver was 8 days late but I avoided induction, phew! I will always cherish the memories of those final moments in the pool when I met my baby in such a calm, relaxed way.


Well he’s arrived and he is Blydi gorius!!! Was doing great up to 5 cm dilated . In pool .. No analgesia .. Hypnobithing going well .. Midwives were impressed .. Alan was really impressed .. And I was enjoying it!!   Then had to have hormone as he decided not to budge and they were getting concerned, I  ended up having an emergency section … All I can say is that he’s gorj us I enjoyed every moment of my hypnobirthing experience!!!

Hi Lindy …. Well my god how my life has changed !!! All good though !! 4 weeks yesterday !! He’s good on the whole … But when he has a moment I pop the hypnobithing music on .. And he’s off’… Thanks for the cards and support Lindy .. It meant a lot!! I honestly loved and enjoyed my birth, especially  the first half .. Even looking forward to doing it again!! Hope you are well. xxx


Cath & Rhys

Hi Lindy, I won’t be able to make the sessions we arranged.   Gwenno Alaw arrived on Friday at 03.41 weighing in at 6lb 12oz.
I stayed home til about half 10pm on the Thurs then felt I should go in but they sent us home at 12. I went back and she was born within 6 minutes of getting to the midwife led unit!
I don’t think they believed me when I said she was coming I was really disappointed with myself when they sent me home because I felt like I’d done a rubbish job of the hypnobirthing this time but I couldn’t have done too bad for her to arrive so quickly after going back home



Hiya, just a quickie to say baby arrived safely on Saturday! Didn’t make it to hospital and had a lovely quick, calm labour at home. My family were amazed how well I coped and I couldn’t have planned it better. The two sessions I came along to were really friendly and helpful, teaching me practical techniques to help focus on a calm birth experience. Highly recommended!


Hi! Just letting you know how we got on – we had a natural water birth this time so i am delighted! A fabulous experience! Our daughter, Ava, was born last Saturday night. The breathing techniques definitely helped me to cope in the early stages and i will be recommending hypnobirthing to my friends! Thanks for your help xxx



Hi Lindy,  Would like to introduce you to Aurora  born last night at 10.27pm weighing in at 7lbs 13.5oz. We’re all home and doing well. I couldn’t of asked for a better birth it was quick calm and relaxed. John was fabulous as saying affirmations to me and reminding me to go to peaceful happy place. Aurora was born in her sack in the pool. Just perfect! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and opportunity to remain so calm throughout which in turn kept baby calm and relaxed too! Xxx





 Hi Lindy,   Just wanted to thank you for the classes over the last few weeks! Baby  Eriska Jolene arrived this Wednesday  at 5.30am.  Thanks to the classes I was fully dilated when I arrived without realising and Eriska was born in the water less than 2 hours after we got to hospital!
I would definitely recommend you to anyone xxxx


Davinia and Alex

Hi Lindy, was in the middle of writing you a text 2 days ago and got side-tracked with all this craziness with a baby! Me and Alex had a little boy, George, on Tuesday morning, 03.18, weighing 7lbs exactly.   I was booked in on tues at 2.30pm for section (breech baby)  but woke at midnight that morning to my waters breaking!   Went in and my contractions came quickly and close together (breathing techniques were fab for that short time I was in labour) so they decided to do the section there and then. I’m happy it ended up like that as I experienced my waters breaking and a bit of labour and baby was the one who chose to come at that time!   I carried on using hypnobirthing techniques through section and had comments from midwives when they were about to do spinal anaesthetic about how calm I was!   Another midwife commented how calm I was when I was in recovery as well as George latched on straight away and she said it was probably because I was so calm all the way through! It also helped with being discharged from hospital…had my op about 3am tues and was discharged weds afternoon!   Thank you so much for those classes, they obviously helped tremendously, even with a c section, before, during and after! I’m recommending it to anyone who has a baby; I thoroughly enjoyed practising during pregnancy! Xx



My experience of hypnobirthing was very positive. I had heard about it long before my first pregnancy but knew I would be interested when the time came to have a baby. I had terrible sickness early on but as that faded I was determined to enjoy being pregnant. My hypnobirthing sessions with Lindy were relaxing, fun and most of all positive. I learnt all about what my body would do naturally during labour and that it was not to be feared but actually something to look forward to, after all it is the day you meet your baby for the first time!

My labour started one evening after I woke from a sleep having done a relaxation. We had our baby 10 hours later at a midwifery lead unit and I just used gas and air. It was a wonderful experience. My visualisations and positive thoughts were a huge help. Hypnobirthing gave me an inner strength and a determined state of mind. If the word hypno puts you off (I can understand why) think of it as calm, natural, or positive birthing!